I deleted you

I’m done being understanding.

I’m done waiting.

I’m done being patient and polite when all I feel like doing is calling you out on your bullshit.

I’m done being your doormat.

I’m done absorbing your negativity and worries without any reciprocation.

I’m just so done.

The glorification of stupidity

Cause – Miley cyrus, twerking, AND THOSE GODDAMN SHORTS.

( Oh you shut your damn mouth, everyone knows that no one had sex before miley cyus, twerking or the invention of shorts)

EFFECT – Teenage pregnancy

Pre exam anxiety

I really thought I had this problem beat by now.  Turns out, I don’t. I go through two phases. The first is one of extreme complacency- just cruising along, not getting much done but somehow confident that it’ll be fine.  And the second is one of extreme anxiety and stress – And I make it…


I’m finally taking the plunge. I’m giving the step 1 along with final year.  Holy shit. I can already forsee all the relentless pressure and tension.  But this time, I’m not going to compromise my health. Usually, I study like a beast and then eat my stress in the form of the junk food. Then…


This exam has got me so goddamn terrifed it’s ridiculous. It’s not that I’m a stranger to hard work!  I’m not.  But the fact that you can only give it once, has got me so gun shy. I keep going back and forth whether THIS is the right time to give it. Should I delay…

Losing friends

These last two months have been extremely difficult and weird.  It’s been so bizarre because suddenly out of the blue, almost overnight; I lost three amazing friends. They had to leave college rather suddenly and it just sent the rest of us into shock. I think for atleast a month I cried relentlessly and at…


2016 is almost over, and I’ve never been more unhappy with myself.  Whether it’s the weight or my work in college, I really feel like I’ve let myself down, tremendously. I feel like I’ve been doing that for a while.  I’ve been stuck in this rut, almost like I’m in a bubble! I can see…

Tough week

Usually, I hate posting about this stuff, because anytime I do come back to these posts, I have major cringe attacks at how lame this stuff seems (in the future obviously).

There’s something to be said for perspective.

‘Terrifyingly honest’ – first post

A classmate of mine, was playing this game ( quite horrible, now that you think about it) and pointing at all the rest of the kids and labelling us as

You get the gist.