The glorification of stupidity

Cause – Miley cyrus, twerking, AND THOSE GODDAMN SHORTS.

( Oh you shut your damn mouth, everyone knows that no one had sex before miley cyus, twerking or the invention of shorts)

EFFECT – Teenage pregnancy



This exam has got me so goddamn terrifed it’s ridiculous. It’s not that I’m a stranger to hard work!  I’m not.  But the fact that you can only give it once, has got me so gun shy. I keep going back and forth whether THIS is the right time to give it. Should I delay…

Losing friends

These last two months have been extremely difficult and weird.  It’s been so bizarre because suddenly out of the blue, almost overnight; I lost three amazing friends. They had to leave college rather suddenly and it just sent the rest of us into shock. I think for atleast a month I cried relentlessly and at…


2016 is almost over, and I’ve never been more unhappy with myself.  Whether it’s the weight or my work in college, I really feel like I’ve let myself down, tremendously. I feel like I’ve been doing that for a while.  I’ve been stuck in this rut, almost like I’m in a bubble! I can see…