The glorification of stupidity

Quite Recently, I came across an article/blog post (?) About the glorification of female sexuality. The actual term used is very derogatory and I’m not going to give the author any attention by quoting the exact title.

The gist of the post is, that Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Marilyn Monroe are all nothing better than prostitutes, because they use their sex appeal to sell their image, their brand etc. In fact, the author debates that they are WORSE than prostitutes because they are RECRUITING (Ohh, I absolutely loved the use of this word) young women into joining their ranks. The conspiracy theories get better and better.

And then the most original meme to show us, that when a mother buys her daughter shorts and lets her listen to rap music, she’s automatically condemning her own daughter. The last image is that of her pregnant teenage daughter in those SAME goddamn SHORTS, as the mother looks on, forlornly.

WELL HELL! THAT’S BLOODY genius. WHY don’t they include that in the biology books? THIS WOMAN HAS LITERALLY spelt out the problem and the solution. Let me make it simple for those half-wit scientists and biologists-


Cause – Miley cyrus, twerking, AND THOSE GODDAMN SHORTS.

( Oh you shut your damn mouth, everyone knows that no one had sex before miley cyus, twerking or the invention of shorts)

EFFECT – Teenage pregnancy


This person has literally solved a problem that has plagued our society, in two seconds. Am I the only one standing up to give her/him a round of applause?

Putting that absolute gem of a discovery aside, The fact that these women dress themselves as they like, as THEY choose to is so so ludicrous to the author. I mean, it’s not like it’s THEIR body or anything!

Nope. PROSTITUTES! THE WHOLE lot are prostitutes. Oh and the shorts. Got to burn those damn shorts.

Let’s completely ignore that everyone wears shorts and that twerking has been around since way before Miley Cyrus!

Let’s ignore the fact they are independent strong women who are absolutely killing it.

Let’s completely gloss over the fact that there are multiple male counterparts who campaign/model underwear (dare I say, BOY SHORTS?) , who are shirtless on screen and/or real life! And yet they are paragons of virtue and purity.
Or maybe not, maybe that’s the subject of the next article?

I’m tired of this. I really am. I’m tired of hearing that he/she deserved rape because of how they dress, or talk, or hang out with. Let’s just completely ignore the fact that there is something called CONSENT.

I’m so so so tired of these labels and these instant snap judgments about people.

I’m tired of having to worry what the neighbour, my relative or my goddamn peers think of me.

I’m REALLY tired of having to hear that someone’s lifestyle or way of dressing or ‘so called image’ is dirty or wrong.

These debates are tiring. Reading these ridiculous articles is disheartening and fucking tiring.







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